About Us

Business Digital Signage shows visitors of a business images, video, advertisements, news and weather feeds, stock prices and a variety of content on flat panel TV's. Special offers, sales and event information, product and services images, and other visual information are presented to the audience that is visiting the business. Internet hard drive digital player sends High Definition video to TV's and can publish and schedule time sensitive content. Business Digital Signage design team helps develop and deploy visual content.

Thanks For Holding presents audio to customers that communicate with the business on the telephone. When callers are in queue due to busy phone traffic or placed on hold, they hear a mix of spoken word information and pleasant instrumental music. Wording is customized for each business and the audio is managed remotely over the internet to a small digital player near the phone system.

Best Business Music offers amazingly customized licensed and legal background music on speakers in a business. Over 200 genres of music can be blended by percentage to present music appropriate for the specific business audience. The music library and playlist desired is managed over the internet on a hard drive based digital player. ASCAP, BMI and SESAC licensing is covered using this service. Music licensing consulting services are also offered.

Since 1995, we have worked closely with clients of all sizes from multinational businesses to a small local dentist, insurance agent or other business. With our easy and simply business development processes, we have brought success in all US states and Canadian provinces and a number of international locations. Our talented team consists of experienced script writers, audio and visual producers, Photoshop experts and helpful customer service people that care about your business and success.